Sunday, June 03, 2007

(B) Poperinge, O.L.V. Gasthuis


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This building was originally used as a local hospital, "Mariaziekenhuis" until the 1980's. In 1985, it was a temporary accomodation for elderly people who had to move out of their home 'Heilig Hart' because of new standards of fire security. In 1988, the name changed into "O.L.V. Gasthuis".
The building was left in 2004 when the residents could move into a new home on the other side of the street.
On some walls there are children's drawings and prints of children's hands, but I don't know who did this, when or why.
When we visited, the place was already a construction site, because they are renovating it for appartments. Walls were stripped off or broken down, lots of stuff was already gone (but some rooms still look great), only on the attic we found some interesting things and lots of administration. Pity we hadn't found this location earlier.

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Matthew said...

Staat dit gebouw er nog altijd en is het nog mogelijk binnen te graken of is het afgebroken?