Sunday, July 06, 2008


It's already more than a year ago that I updated this blog. In the meantime I've been very active though: I've seen a lot of other beautiful locations and took such an amazing amount of photos that I don't have the time anymore to update this blog.
Luckily there are other ways too see my most recent explorations.
Every day (except for holidays) I update my Flickr-photostream, mostly with urbex-pics. They're all organised into collections and sets, they're tagged, their "date taken" is correct, so it's very easy for you to discover them all.
This is the link to my photostream:
An overview of all my urban explorations can be discovered here:
I also have another blog in Dutch, which is more a kind of picture diary, where I also insert my urbex-photos. So if you understand Dutch you can read more information on the urbex-adventures if you want to:

More than a half year ago I switched to a DSLR-cam with 4 lenses (Olympus E-510 + 14-42mm + 40-150mm + macro 35mm + fisheye 8mm, still waiting for the 9-18mm) so my possibilities and experience have expanded. If I may speak for myself I can say that I'm improved, not only in taking pictures but also in processing & editing, and LightRoom (+ the presets I find on Internet) and Photomatix are the ones to honour.

I don't think I will be updating this blog in the near future, but I do have plans for an own website, which will be announced here once ready.

Thanks for watching, commenting, and enjoy all of my pics on !!!