Wednesday, May 23, 2007

(B) Kortrijk, Tuileries du Littoral, V


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Today, after working hours, we explored the rest of the buildings of Littoral. While we were busy on one side, we suddenly had to flee, because we heard someone entering the big hall, where doors are normally closed.
But we went on doing our thing, in the very dusty production halls. Today we were very lucky with the sunlight, as you can see in the set of today. I even met the big brother of R2D2, a very impressive machine.
Once back in the hall were we started, the setting sun produced a nice orange light.
But again we had to flee, the man seemed to be still busy putting things at the end of the hall. My boyfriend had to cross quickly, luckily the man didn't notice him.
Going back to our car, we saw the man at his car and he saw us, but he didn't care about us and we did neither ;-)

1st visit: 2007/03/10
2nd visit: 2007/03/18
3rd visit: 2007/04/01
4th visit: 2007/04/23

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Sam R. said...

Seen the few visits you brought to this location, you must know it very good ;) Again: very nice and good photography ... You know to play with the light in a friendly way. Another very exciting story that holds the attention.